Don’t Wear Black Jeans on Dry Wall Day

We have owned a house for four days. I have learned a few things.

1. Have a plan for what you want to start on. Get your tools ready. The immediate progress (as you will see below) is the boost you will need when facing a house full of needed renovations.

2. Spend the time before buying a home not just on saving for a downpayment, but also on finding good friends who are handy and helpful. You will need to abuse these friendships.

3. If you choose to wear black jeans on the evening your handsome husband is pulling down drywall, you will likely regret it.

I learned these lessons, and more, this weekend when we completely demolished our kitchen.

Andy and his dad spent a good chunk of Saturday ensuring the house won’t fall down. Bonus.


We actually were fairly sure the wall between the kitchen and dining room was not load bearing, but since we can’t get up into the attic to check, we decided to just treat it as such (Lesson #4 – avoid house collapse). So the menfolk built a temporary wall, then inserted a beam, then removed the temporary wall. See how easy I made that sound?

The next day we applied Lesson #2 and begged a few of our “least likely to say no to an unreasonable request” friends to come remove cabinets, counters, and well, everything else in the kitchen. We owe some serious favors. This is the result of their hard work! An empty kitchen!


But look how happy our helpers are! Except Brian, who scratched his cornea and had to go to the E.R. and missed the “hang out in the backyard and revel in our demo abilities” time. Sorry Brian.

Now is the time to mention that I actually did not do any of the heavy lifting, pounding, hammering, or avoiding gas leaks. My weekend tasks were far more…textured. And glued to the wall.


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