Exactly How Necessary is a Floor?

Because we just destroyed ours.

Background: 80% of the new house is wood floors. A small family room has carpet, and the foyer and bathrooms are tile. The kitchen was also tile. Note the past tense.

Last night Andy was preparing to pound away at the tile like the he-man he is, and the doorbell rang.

We opened the door, half expecting some kind of law enforcement wanting to know what we “kids” were doing in this grown up house, and found Jessica and Lane! Our sweet friends from small group had ridden their bikes over.

Fair Warning: It is a dangerous thing to do a “pop by” on a renovator. You are apt to get handed a hammer and asked to help a little.

Thankfully they were up to the challenge. Andy dubbed Lane the powerhouse and together they literally demolished the tile floor.

I think Lane looks proud. Or maybe resentful.

We let our friends go home and proceeded to do the toughest part of renovation – the clean up!

With the tile gone we just have to rip up the plywood and another layer of linoleum. Don’t you love how I say we all the time? I mean Andy. Andy does all the heavy lifting. I scrape wall paper like it’s my job.

On a random note, the previous owners left us a little friend in our front yard. The ceramic bunny is missing an eye. It’s creepy and yet amazing. At the same time.


7 thoughts on “Exactly How Necessary is a Floor?

  1. Stefanie says:

    I can’t believe the floor is done already! You guys make renovating a home look easy ha 🙂 PS you should include a picture of that inappropriate thermometer that they left lol

  2. Sara says:

    FYI: Lucy LOVES the bunny. She has talked about it several times since we were there. The next time we come, she will be looking for it.

  3. Diane Schultz says:

    You two dear grandkids absolutely “blow me away”. You are so very creative and hard working!!!!!! I am really impressed. I hardly can remember the days when I had that much energy……..What a lovely home you are designing. Ohhhh and I’d love the bunny outside to welcome everyone. Where we live now, it is against the rules to do anything pretty or cute to make our home different. (Even Christmas 😦 They all have to look alike. We still have the swans in the lakes, even though it is getting cold. Hope to see my Great Grandson soon, and all of you worker bees! Love you lots, Grandma Diane

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