Wallpaper is Like a 14 Year Old Girl

Before we bought the house we visited a few times (duh). I noticed that there was some wallpaper that would need to be removed. Just a little here and there. No big deal.

Now that we are in the house I think it is fair to say that the previous owner had a mild to serious obsession with wallpaper.

So while Andy is using different tools that contain the word hammer, I am tasked with removing the wallpaper from every closet, foyer, hallway, and a few fun surprise areas. Most of the wallpaper is super thick and comes off easily. But some of it is a little more needy. And clingy. Demanding. High maintenance. So yes, basically, removing the pink bathroom wallpaper is like a 14-year-old girl.

Settle back dear reader and scroll through this whirlwind of the wallpaper tour.


Foyer and looooooong hallway



Master bath aka “yellow bathroom” (I am so creative in naming my rooms)


Pink bathroom


Half bath

(This is after the wallpaper was removed, revealing some dirt behind the wallpaper. It looked like mold, but upon smelling, was dirt. How weird is that?)

Hall closet and bedroom closet #1



Bedroom closet #2

(This is my favorite and I might just leave it as a surprise for guests).


Bedroom #3 


While it’s a little…kooky…to have all the closets lovingly wallpapered, there are some even stranger areas of the home wallpapered. For instance, the fan hood for the oven. Is this even safe? And the blue “back splash” is technically very thick wallpaper done over tile. I’m not joking.


To really experience the wonder of wallpaper you have to see it for yourself. But alas, I have big plans to finish most of the wallpaper removal this weekend. Except maybe that one bedroom closet.



4 thoughts on “Wallpaper is Like a 14 Year Old Girl

  1. sarah anderson says:

    Wow! That is pretty crazy! I give you a lot of credit Becca . . . it looks like a lot of work! I’m kind of excited to follow your progress. I’m hoping it motivates me to do some of the things we’ve been wanting to do. Good luck! Thanks for sharing this journey!

  2. Sarah Green says:

    Definitely leave the closet wallpaper. That green flower pattern reminds me of Grandpa’s house and Mom when she was a hippie.

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