That’s Right, Another Wallpaper Post.

In my quest to overcome the wallpaper, there have been many victories. And oh, so many…we won’t say failures, just frustrations.

Like the half bathroom in the foyer that had mold on the wall when my friend Stef pulled off the wallpaper.

And the pink bathroom that took four work sessions to  only remove most of the backing. And then the wall color was the same color as the backing (nasty yellow) so there wasn’t even the appearance of change!

But all in all it hasn’t been too bad. I am done with all the bathrooms and the hallway and am moving on to getting the walls ready to paint (scraping off the remaining glue, scrubbing, and sanding). Someday soon I will go back and tackle all the closets that have wallpaper (which is, oh wait, ALL the closets in the house).

So since I am now queen of wallpaper removal, I can safely say the key to wallpaper removal is to have the right tools. What are these tools? Glad you asked!

1. Helpful friends and family. My mom, Andy’s mom, and my friends Jessica and Stef were a huge help and made it go fast. And they put up with my whining and overall unpleasantness, which is really key to being friends/related to me in general.

2. A heavy putty knife. The first day we were removing wallpaper, I was doing it like nobody’s business. Andy’s mom came to help and I gave her a flimsy knife to use. She struggled for about 15 minutes until I gave her another heavy knife. All of the sudden magic removal powers! Don’t assume it’s user error! You  might just not be using the right tool.

3. Fabric softener. I don’t know if it actually helps remove the glue, but it smells nice. And is cheap. If you do it long enough you could get a slight high, which dulls the pain of the task. That last part is a joke, Mom.

Andy and I are actually out-of-town for the weekend, so this post is a few days overdue, but hey – talking about removing wallpaper is really appropriate anytime. Right?


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