A Brief House Break

Although we have been power working on the house, we are taking a few breaks. This weekend I am tagging along with Andy on a business trip to D.C.

It has been exceptionally enjoyable. We’ve eaten at some nice restaurants, spent time with great people (Andy’s boss, his wife and their completely lovely baby), and had wonderful time alone. I think part of us wishes we were at the house working, but part of us is enjoying sleeping in and talking about things besides drywall.

A few notes on D.C.:

  • It is kind of crazy to be walking around and see so many iconic buildings and structures everywhere. Also D.C. is very walkable. While Andy is working I have been out walking the streets and finding things like amazing cupcake shops.
  • Kudos to Chicago for how clean the streets are. I’m actually surprised by how much trash there is everywhere here. Not as gritty as New York, but far from how clean Chicago is.
  • There is construction on national monuments everywhere! Andy was irritated.
  • I love how many of the buildings have quotes etched into them about the purpose of the building. I feel like we should do that on our houses.
Here is us at the Washington Monument. It was hot out!

Cherry blossoms!

And one of the etchings on a building. This is the IRS. If you can’t read it, it says, “taxes are what we pay for a civilized society.”

All in all, a very cool city. We are both very thankful I could tag along.







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