Big Cupcakes & Little Burgers

First things first, a belated happy birthday to Andy! I was going to write a long sappy post about how awesome he is, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t read this blog, so might as well skip it 😉 But seriously, he is awesome, and I love him lots. That’s all I’ll say. I promise.

We celebrated Andy’s golden birthday in D.C. I got him a “Happy Birthday” cupcake from Crumbs, a super-duper delicious cupcakery (did I make up a new word?). They had an overwhelming variety of cupcakes, but when I saw the Happy Birthday was basically funfetti, I knew this was the cupcake for my husband. I mean, look at this beauty (photo from the Crumbs web site).

Happy Birthday

After Andy was done with work on Monday, we all went for lunch and this is what Andy ordered for his birthday lunch. Nine lovely little sliders and a massive pile of onion strings from Matchbox: Chinatown. Don’t worry, he shared!

More house posts coming soon. AS I SPEAK (type) hardwood floors are being installed and sanded! Tomorrow they start refinishing them! Ahhh! Excited! We aren’t allowed in our house for a few days, but I have a few catch up posts to share. One word that sounds like two: drywall.


One thought on “Big Cupcakes & Little Burgers

  1. MarcieDail says:

    Might I just say a big “BOOOOO” to the fact that you were this close to me and it couldn’t work out for us to get together (even if I knew you were going to be in DC little Bradley currently prevents spontaneous 2 hour roadtrips).

    Mase frequently takes business trip to Chicago so maybe one day….one day…….

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