A Deceptively Difficult Job

Our new floors have been installed and stained and are just waiting for the top coat. They look so good already and I can’t wait to share! But first, I need to document the hard work Andy and our friend Brian did last week.

Just a week ago, the kitchen walls looked something like this. Removing all the old cabinets and backsplash necessitated removing some of the drywall. I didn’t really think this was a big deal. How hard can replacing drywall be?

Well, in case you didn’t know, it’s hard. And a lot heavier than it looks. Every piece has to be carefully measured, cut, and usually trimmed to fit. It is time-consuming. After two grueling and long nights of work (and a few trips to Lowes), Andy and Brian had this to show for their efforts:

I thought they were almost done at this point, but they still had about 5 hours of work.

Done! Cleaning up, like all good renovators should do.

Drywalling the beam was slightly tricky, but it looks so nice!

This was a fun surprise. After removing the soffit, we found a pipe. In the only space of the kitchen we AREN’T installing an upper cabinet (the hood will be slightly to the right of this). Any ideas for creative decor? We were thinking maybe spray paint it and hang a plant? No really! Stop laughing. It’s not a joke. That’s our best idea. Sigh.

Although I feel bad that Brian and Andy worked so late on this project, I’m thrilled with how it looks. Even in its unfinished state, I can really get a feel for how open it will be. Next up is taping and mudding, which everyone assures me is really easy and super fun.


3 thoughts on “A Deceptively Difficult Job

  1. Sara says:

    Jared developed what we call “basement elbow” after taping and mudding the basement in our old house. Basically a repeated-use injury that still, on occasion, flares up. So, try to switch hands every now and then 🙂

    • BecccaDing says:

      Good thought! We really want the look of a chimney hood, otherwise we would have done cabinets with a micro-hood, which would have made this a non-issue!

      Andy actually came up with a great idea to do a built in wine rack there with an open shelf. I have a post coming soon this week with a highly detailed drawing 🙂

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