It’s All About the Floor

Our kitchen floors have really been through a lot the past three weeks. They were pounded into smithereens. Ripped up. Rebuilt. Now, at long last, they are getting the Tender Loving Care they so deserve.

This week we took a giant step into the “things are starting to look better”  part of the kitchen whole house renovation. Our hardwood pros basically spent the week at our house. They spent one day installing new hardwoods in the kitchen and then sanding down the rest of the house. It looked like this:

I didn’t realize how much I disliked the honey orangey color of our old floors until I saw my floors naked and realized it was already a massive improvement.

Then they stained everything Minwax Jacobean.

I swooned.

Then they put one coat of top coat on. Let it dry. Put another coat on. Let it dry. It made everything look super glossy.

The good news is, after the floor dried, the Crisco look faded. We asked for a satin finish, which basically means matte and not shiny. I’m really hoping this means dust and dirt won’t show as much, meaning I can clean less (wait can you clean less than never?).

After the last coat dried, here is the end result! The photos make it look a little more red than it is (we steered towards a color with no red, more true brown with gray).

I’m so happy with the results. I want to hug my floors and promise to love them forever. Except they strongly smell like chemicals. So I’ll wait on that. And maybe open a window or two.


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