It’s Baby Season!

Let me share a little something with you. You may not be aware, but it’s baby season.

At least it is in my world.

Just yesterday we were all newlyweds. But about eight months ago one couple after another began announcing they were pregnant. Overwhelming at first, I am now overjoyed for my friends and can’t wait to be Aunt Becca. I’m already planning what meals to drop off, how to arrange my schedule so I can come hold the baby while momma showers, etc. I’m totally embracing the role of annoyingly helpful friend/sister substitute/fake aunt.

One of the sweetest joys for me is to throw several showers. The first one was this weekend for Rachael, one of my dearest friends. She and Brian are having a girl, so I planned a fun “Sugar and Spice” shower. Another friend took tons of pictures, but here are a few from my phone.

The shower went so smoothly, especially the awesome onesie craft Stef organized. She’s amazing! She made a onesie for each month for the first year and then people decorated them for a special contest. It was a blast and a fun way to decorate. I didn’t take any pictures of that, but will post when I get them.


Rachael’s mother-in-law and mom (and Rachael, obviously.)

Stef and Rachael, just two of my friends who are with child 🙂

Beverages. I framed the menu so everyone could see what was available. Super easy, cheap and added a nice touch.

Just some of the food! Stef’s cheese balls were a huge hit.

I’m pretty sure after another shower or two I’ll be ready for my friends to enter the next stage of life 🙂


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