It’s a Yucky, Yucky Job

Does anyone remember that scene from Zoolander when  Ben Stiller’s character worked in the mines with his dad? And after he finishes one day of work he goes “*cough, cough*, I think I have the black lung!” Teehee. I love that line. Well after last night, I am concerned Andy could have contracted the white lung.

My handsome hubby has been doing what renovators far and wide dread – taping, mudding and (the room goes quiet) sanding. Let me tell you, it is rough stuff. And in case you don’t believe me, here is what Andy looked like after a few hours of sanding away.

Don’t you just want to hug him?

The good news is, we aren’t putting in new drywall anywhere else in the house. So after a little sandy-sand tonight he should be done. The bad news is he might be coughing up white dust for the next three months. Poor guy.

Just in case you think me lazy, I did help! Not with the sanding, but with the cleaning up. I vacuumed the paper Andy laid down and then wiped up our beautiful new floors that were covered in about 15 inches of dust.

A few pics of how it looked pre-sanding.

While he was working on it. Doesn’t the beam look good?!

In addition to cleaning up drywall dust, I am STILL cleaning the formerly wallpapered walls to get them ready to paint. I have started listening to podcasts of old sermons while I scrub to keep me from becoming discouraged and/or violent.


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