The Cabinets are Coming, the Cabinets are Coming!

Ok so I’m a little excited.

The drywall has been put up, taped, mudded, and sanded. The drywall dust has been mostly wiped up.

Tonight we are priming the kitchen.

And tomorrow, sweet tomorrow, we will start CABINET INSTALLATION!

I am guessing this stage is going to take a few weeks, but that’s ok. It is a HUGE step and the last big kitchen DIY project (we will be doing the backsplash and hardware installation ourselves and my dad will do some minor plumbing). There are many projects, big and small, for the rest of the house, but this kitchen is our baby.

For a small kitchen, we are going to have a lot of cabinets. Take a peek at what’s in our garage right now!

Cabinets being delivered on Monday.


Happy Thursday everyone!



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