Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Belated Easter!

In addition to all our usual crazy family festivities (we have an egg fight…and it’s weirder than how it sounds), the handsome hubby and I and various family members were hard at work on the house this weekend.

Good Friday is good because Jesus paid the price for our sins. But this year it was also good because our upper cabinets were hung! The cabinets look almost black until you put the doors on. The color is “espresso” and they are by Thomasville. We got a great price on them from Home Depot. Andy’s dad very generously helped us install them – saving us thousands.

We are scheduled to install the base cabinets in two weeks! Until then there is very little we can do on the kitchen. So on Saturday and Sunday, I continued to scrub walls and Andy did lots of “little” (little compared to a whole kitchen reno) projects. Including:

Removing the mirrors! These mirrors made us laugh when we first saw the house. Totally vacant, empty house with…mirrors on the wall. We just assumed they were completely krazy-glued to the wall and that it would be a horrific task to tackle. Aside from the fear of getting glass shards in his eye, handsome hubby handled it like a pro.

My mom came over on Saturday to help with the half bathroom. She’s awesome. In just a few hours she managed to spackle and sand the foyer (so Andy could prime it, which he did), the hallway AND remove all the mold from the half bath, and spackle the 70000 holes. AND she is coming back this week to prime it.

To help her with the half bath, Andy removed the sink and cabinet. Yuck. Yes they wallpapered the bottom of the cabinet. NOT A JOKE.

We have big goals for this week. Sanding, spackling, priming, and getting the half bath to near completion! Thankfully, we have this pretty flower basket that Andy’s grandma gave us for Easter to cheer us on!


5 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. Melissa I. says:

    I’m starting to wonder if one of the previous owners owned and/or worked at a wallpaper store… Some of this is outright crazy!!

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