And the Verdict is…More Wine!

My friend Emily texted me last night asking if we had decided what to do about that annoying and ill-placed pipe in the kitchen. I was shocked that:

  1. Someone actually reads this blog.
  2. Emily, an interior designer, didn’t love the idea of hanging a plant from it. Clearly her design sense is lacking.

In case you missed it, here is the offending pipe. It is in LIT.TRA.LEE. the worst place it could be in the whole kitchen. Right to the left of the oven and chimney style hood – the one place we were not putting an upper cabinet (because then there would be one slim cabinet between the hood and the window).

We polled the pros (Andy’s dad and uncle) and came up with a few ideas. One of them was to build a soffit over it. As in, rebuild a soffit. Because, as you may remember, we tore out the (wallpapered) soffit that was there when we bought the house. Because we hated strongly disliked it. Because soffits are silly. Because I wanted high cabinets!

Well just when it seemed like we were headed for the land of soffits, my handsome hubby came up with an idea. I should note that I am an extremely…non-spatial thinker. It is really hard for me to picture things. So one night we were laying in bed and HH has a great idea of what to do about the pipe. He starts telling me. I don’t understand. Finally he turns to his iPad, fires up the Draw Something app and shows me this beauty:

Ok so this isn’t his best artwork ever. However it helped me see his vision. The pipe currently is (if you are facing the stove) to the left.  To the right is a cabinet. Andy’s idea is to order a wine rack from our cabinet manufacturer (yes he checked to see if they make them, and they do) and then possibly build two floating shelves on either side of the chimney. Brilliant! The wine rack should darken the area around the pipe, so we may not even have to put a wine bottle there. If we do need to, we will just cut an empty one.

We still have to order the wine rack and make sure it works as well as it does in this drawing. But I think it’s pretty clear. Every now and then a little wine can help you solve a problem.


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