A Providential Drop By

So I didn’t post much last week because I was busy relaxing…eating bon bons…doing my nails.


It was a busy week. Personally, professionally, and renovation-ly. In the renovation realm, we did exciting things like sand trim, prep bathrooms for painting, and visit Lowes a dozen times. My favorite thing we did during the week was bring up base cabinets to set them up like they will be installed.

It is starting to look like a real kitchen!

We also decided paint colors, which will be another post. For something that sounds fun and colorful, it was ridiculously stressful.

On Saturday we did a lot of priming and started some painting. We got a call from Andy’s lovely Aunt Joyce and Uncle Mike asking if they could drop by. We of course said yes! They have not seen the house yet, and Uncle Mike is a project manager for a renovation company. We knew we would be getting some free advice/ideas!

We had noooooooooooooo idea how valuable that visit would be. After walking around for just a few minutes, Uncle Mike discovered our sump pump was plugged into a bad outlet. And was just an INCH from overflowing! *Stomach drop followed by gasp of relief* 

He also discovered that our kitchen designer at Home Depot had ordered the wrong size for one of our corner cabinets. As in, the corner cabinets we are supposed to be installing next weekend! Andy raced over to HD and a new cabinet is being rushed. It will still push us out another week, but infinitely better than not finding out until next week. So thankful for a random, providential visit from wonderful family!


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