Farm Sink, I Pine for You

If you saw my Pinterest pins from early February, you know what this post is about.

As soon as handsome hubby and I went under contract on the house, we started planning the kitchen renovation. From the earliest moments of planning, I have been in love.

With farmhouse sinks.

Farm sinks, or apron sinks, are an old style that has been making a big comeback. Hunting around on Pinterest I found dozens of pins that fanned my desire. Like these:

Source: via Becca on Pinterest

Even cool stainless steel ones like this:

Source: via Becca on Pinterest

These sinks can be super pricey though. Although it probably would be something I’d be willing to scrimp some pennies together to buy, we did find a fairly affordable alternative!

Why hello, IKEA version of farmhouse sink.

DOMSJÖ Double bowl IKEA


This sink will be a trick to install on our non-IKEA cabinets, but we think we can do it. At $312 it’s hundreds less than other porcelain sinks. They do also have a one sink smaller version, but we decided to make it a focal point of the kitchen.

Two warnings if you too are falling in love. This sink is big. And it is heavy. Poor Andy struggled to get this monster into his car and then into our dining room, where it patiently waits for installation. It’s a good thing the behemoth is patient, because I am dying to see how it will look installed!


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