Oh, the Painting We’ll Do…

While we wait for the right cabinet to be delivered, Andy and I have made a unanimous decision to….keep working.

I mentioned in a previous post that last week we picked out paint colors. It was a tad  a little ok a lot stressful. Particularly the colors for our main room. Painting this entails high ladders and careful edging on a vaulted ceiling, something we’d prefer to do only once.

Does anyone want 10 tiny samples of various grays? Because that’s about how many we tried. And when we found a gray we liked we stressed about perfectly coordinating colors for other rooms. We want the whole house to flow, without it all being different shades of white.

In the end, Andy came up with a win. A color palette from Sherwin Williams that we can have Lowes color match to. All the colors in the palette are professionally put together, saving newbie decorators like us from poor color choices.

The palette we landed on is called Purely Refined (lol….that SO describes us, right?) We picked it mainly because it had an awesome gray that I la-la-la loved. You can see the entire palette here but here are the colors we will likely end up using.

(starting in upper right: Bracing Blue, Upward, Classic Light Bluff, Light French Gray, Queen Anne Lilac, Peppercorn,  Svelte Sage, Dutch Cocoa)

First of all, paint color names crack me up. I want to create a collection with colors like “booger yellow” and “grandma’s bathroom carpet beige.” No? Won’t be a hit? Bummer. Another career option off the list.

We haven’t picked all the colors for all the rooms yet, but so far we are doing: Light French gray for most of the living/dining rooms and kitchen (where there is not backsplash) and Bracing Blue as an accent wall (we think we like it….not sure yet). Queen Anne Lilac graces the half bath and we used Peppercorn in the foyer.

The half bath and foyer are done except for painting the trim white. The living/dining/kitchen still needs a few touch ups, but I should be able to show final pics soon!

Here are some “before shots” from up high. Note to future painters: ALWAYS cover every inch of your floors. We have a few spots that we missed that now have tiny speckles of white ceiling paint on them. Sad day.

Kitchen and dining room from above:

Living room from above:


Cutting in is a big pain, and I am not good at it. I read about a handy little brush on Young House Love, and highly recommend it! The Premium XL Tight Spots 2″ Angle Short Handle Brush is $5 and makes edging a little easier.


Painting can get stressful. Especially when I miss spots and Andy has to go over them again. Apologies and notes of affection are better in Light French Gray dontcha think?


4 thoughts on “Oh, the Painting We’ll Do…

  1. Meg says:

    Lovely! The colors look just like you, if that makes sense. I started buying square edgers for painting – made things so much more smoothly, for me, at least. Although don’t get paint on the little sidewheels. http://bit.ly/JhNBz3

  2. Straight Out Of Compton says:

    Love it! I can’t wait to see the rest. As for the paint spatters, I will bring the steamer next time I’m over. It worked like a charm in our apt where the maintenance men got paint all over the bathroom sink and door knobs.

  3. Sara says:

    I also would like to know whose job it is to name paint colors, cell phones and cars. And how they come up with their choices. Goo Gone works great to get paint splatters off of wood floors as well (crayon, too, if you ever need to know that!)

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