You Gotta Paint It, Paint It

Thanks to all who commented on our paint color choices. We still have to choose which colors to use for the family room, the master bedroom, and both upstairs bathrooms (we will probably leave the extra three bedrooms white until we decide what the purpose of each room is). But I know all you doubters out there want proof that we are actually working, so here are a few pics of what we’ve painted so far. I will post more pics when we paint the trim and remove the clashing green tape.

The foyer, in peppercorn. Don’t mind Andy, he is installing the toilet tank in the half bath. I know it’s a super dark color, but I love it. And I love Andy for letting me try it, even though he was very skeptical. I think a foyer is the perfect place to do an intense color. It’s dark gray with blue tones. Much thanks to my sweet mother-in-law for taking on that chore!

Check out that sweet light in the foyer! Any takers? I look forward to the day I can drop that puppy in the trash can. With such a dark (and awesome) color, I think we are going to do a white foyer semiflush light fixture too. Maybe this one from West Elm? Contour Semi-Flush Fixture - White

The half bath, in Queen Anne Lilac. You can also see the foyer color better here. I really like how these two colors play off each other. I had originally wanted a darker purple, but I am glad Andy pushed me to lighter after we picked SUCH a dark color for the foyer. I love how the white trim pops.

Here is the blue (bracing blue) on just the one wall before we painted the other walls gray. Sorry the lighting is so bad, but that will just make you anticipate final pics with the trim done more!

Another shot of the blue. And another light fixture that is on its way out!

Here is the accent wall next to the gray. With the light this bright it is hard to see.

All the gray. I like how it flows from the dark foyer. I will like it better once the trim is all white!

It’s funny how new paint makes everything old in the house look SO bad – like the orangey trim and terrible windows. Patience grasshopper!

Quick update on the wrongly ordered cabinet – Home Depot came through and expedited an order for the correct corner cabinet AND the wine rack we want to cover that heinous pipe. It will be here next week. The plan is to install half the base cabinets this weekend and then the other half next weekend. Puts us behind a week, but it could have been so much worse! Hopefully that is the only surprise left with the cabinets 🙂


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