Look Into the Light

Today I hosted a baby shower for my dear friend Stef. While I was busy oooohing and ahhhing over things like diaper rash butt paste, Andy and his dad were hard at work fitting my precious farm sink into the sink base. From what I hear, I am lucky both of them love me.

As we make progress on the house, we are getting to the point where we need to think about finishes. Things like light fixtures.

Last post I showed off some of our 80s-licious light fixtures. I can’t really describe how much I hate them. I NEED to replace them!

Unfortunately that is proving a teensy bit tricky when it comes to the chandelier.

See it’s a big, open room. With a high ceiling. Most of the cool pendants I love are simply too small (and wouldn’t provide enough light anyways, although I’m clearly more concerned with style vs. function).

Pendants like these:



Le Sigh.

We also don’t want to change the current electric in the ceiling. That means I can’t do a cluster of a few pendants. It needs to be a single chandelier/large pendant.

Here are a few I like that the handsome hubby is not so sure about. I feel like I’ve looked on every single web site to find something that is at least 2 feet in diameter and has a long enough chain. That is also cool/funky/vintage/industrial and will look awesome with the farmhouse table we want to either buy or build.

I love this one from Crate and Barrel but Andy isn’t sold on it.



We both really like this Pottery Barn gem, but it likely is too much for the room.

Probably too simple.



Super cool from Home Decorators, but might not be long enough.

Wire Five-Light Pendant

I’ve looked on Lowes (we have a discount card thing there), Pottery Barn, West Elm, Crate and Barrel, Overstock, Shades of Light, Restoration Hardware and what feels like a dozen other sites. Any other original ideas? I feel doomed to a boring chandelier!


12 thoughts on “Look Into the Light

  1. huiiiii says:

    My sis & I just moved into a place in the city, and we went to Home Depot. We found great gems in the discount section–she got a chandelier for her room for $30! The main light fixtures section could also give you some ideas!

  2. Sara says:

    Is there a Habitat for Humanity ReStore around here? They stock mostly building supplies and materials. You may only find stuff like what you are trying to replace, but there could be something great and original, too.

  3. Melissa I. says:

    Oooh, there is a lighting place in AH/Mt. Prospect… I think its called Northwest Electrical on NW Hwy that might be a great place to try. I can get you the name on Monday.

    • BecccaDing says:

      Oh that is right by our apartment! We’ll have to check there. Of course, Andy did find a tutorial last night on how to DIY a globe pendant, so we’ll see 😉

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