A Big Sink & Trim Paint Magic

Last week I confessed my adoration of farmhouse sinks.

Now I have my very own!

Technically it’s not usable or anything fancy like that yet, but it is off the floor!

Andy and his dad spent nearly all of Saturday cutting and trimming the sink base to fit the sink. I have been told that I am not allowed to ever change my mind about this sink. After seeing it, I’m not worried about that!

After they hoisted up the monster onto the sink (they had to precisely measure and cut down the cabinet for it to fit, and then build some kind of frame for it to rest on).

It is magnificent. And it is big. As I told Andy’s mom, I could have quadruplets and we’d still be able to bathe all of them in that sink.

In addition to custom fitting the sink, we painted a lot this weekend. I want to wait to reveal the pics until we get most of the floor coverings cleared up, but here is a sneak preview. As you can see, paint on the walls can really change a room. But painting orangey wood trim white is basically magical.

Here’s a picture of the living room from when we first bought the house. Sorry it’s blurry.

And just last week, after we had painted the walls.

And now, before clean up and touch ups, but after everything is painted!

Give me a few days to touch up the trim, remove all the remaining tape and clean up the floors. The finished product will wow you!


7 thoughts on “A Big Sink & Trim Paint Magic

  1. Mariel says:

    hi! i’m friends with Stef and found your blog through hers 🙂 i just had to comment because i’ve been admiring that ikea sink for some time now as well and it looks so lovely in your new kitchen! looking forward to seeing the final results.

  2. Michele Green says:

    Quadruplets!! Twins run in the Green Family, but not quads!
    I love, love the white trim. It frames the beautiful colors you labored (not to be confused with childbirth labor) over.
    Love, Mom

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