Ta Da!

We just got home from spending more on appliances than my first car and Andy’s first car cost combined. Yikes! So before I fade into coma from the budget overage, let me recap our productive weekend with the pictures you have been waiting for!

Here is the living room and dining room view. Still paint supplies, etc. around but all the floor coverings are up!

I love how bright and open the room is, even with darker colors.

Watch out nasty chandelier…your days are numbered.

On the end of the dining room there is this charming shelf. And by charming I mean useless, and why is it there? I’ll have to find something cool to put up there. And no, I’m not going to decorate it according to the seasons.

Around the corner is the finished foyer.

Hopefully we’ll be able to replace the floor in the foyer and bathroom soon enough, but at least it’s fairly neutral for now.

The hallway to the bedrooms is done (except for the doors and light fixture).  We painted it in the same gray so it would be continuous. The master is at the end.

We painted the bedroom together. Andy does the cutting in, which requires skill and precision. I do the rolling, which basically just requires hands.

I’m not 100% sure how I feel about the bedroom colors. They were part of our palette. but I need to see how it dries. It is a little more pink than I anticipated! We painted two walls in Dutch Cocoa, a purpley brown. And two walls in Cultured Pearl, a very light beige pink. I’m debating what to paint my closet. Should I go with the light pink or do the gray from the living room?

To end this long update on a funny note, here is a picture of my pants after two weeks of painting. Yes, I have washed them, not that you can tell.

It feels really good to have the whole big front room painted, the main hallway, and the master bedroom. This week we are going to focus on painting the family room, which is right off the foyer. More color is coming! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Ta Da!

  1. Rachael says:

    I would leave the gray for the hall and living space. I bet you will warm up to the master colors once moved in and decorated!

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