We Have Decided…

Anyone remember that old Sunday School song? “I have decided…to follow Jeeeeeeeeeeeeesus.” No? Just me? Mmmmmk.

In addition to following Jesus, we have made some decisions about lighting. Hurrah!

Remember my inner torture about what kind of light fixture to get for main room? Well, we looked and looked and looked.

I threw a hissy fit (no really, I did).

Andy waited for me to finish.

And then we decided to try to DIY our own chandelier.

What the what now? Yes. That is right.

We found a few tutorials online for making a string globe light like the one below. You can make it as big or as little as you want. Best of all, it will cost less than $30 to make, so if it doesn’t work we can scrap it and count it as blog topic building.

If our homemade version flops, don’t worry. We can order one from this shop on Etsy that looks like this:

We like it! It’s not too heavy. It can be done in white , which will nicely balance against the gray and blue in the room. And it’s different, but not crazy, and not so expensive that we can’t ever replace it when we grow up and get sophisticated taste.

The size we want would probably be a bit bigger than this one, but it’s still much cheaper than some of Pottery Barn creations I loved. We were hoping to start it this week, but Andy is traveling for work, so it will have to wait a bit. Nasty chandelier…you live another day.

Do you remember the matching foyer semi-mount?

Well its days are truly numbered! We ordered this puppy from West Elm last night.

At $69 I felt it was a pretty good price. Although, after shopping so much at Amazon, I was horrified at how much they charged for shipping. But when Andy and I both agree on a light fixture, you just close your eyes and press Order.


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