And Just Like That, They’re In

I have probably 20 posts worth of content from this weekend. However, one project far eclipsed them all, so I will start with that. It is, of course, the kitchen cabinets.

Our journey with the kitchen cabinets has been [relatively] long. Let me recap for you.

We ordered the cabinets.

The cabinets were delivered.

We found out one of the cabinets was put in our design wrong, and thus delivered wrong.

Three weeks later Home Depot delivered the correct cabinet after dozens of not returned phone calls, several missed delivery dates, and a lot of annoyance.

But all is well again, for this weekend, all the cabinets were finally installed. Boom, check, done, IN.

This is the view of how the kitchen looks in the living room. I love how open everything is. Can’t you just see me making guacamole with lots of people hanging out? Hmm, well I can.

Remember our wine rack dilemma and Andy’s clever solution? It worked perfectly!

All the cabinets are screwed in nice and tight. You should come over and try to shake them. I promise they won’t move.

All the empty spaces will have appliances in them in a little over a week. Woohoo!

Next up for the kitchen is the electrician trim, getting the sink plumbed and installing granite counter tops (we picked out our slabs last week, an interesting experience).

Is it too soon to start planning the housewarming party?


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