A Lovely Little Bathroom

When Andy and I were house hunting ten eons ago, we looked at many older houses (pre 1940). The town we were targeting, and eventually bought in, is an older community, and we both really loved a few “vintage” homes. One of my favorite features of these older homes is the glass door knobs. Swoon.


The hubs wasn’t really a fan. Biiiiiiig shocker there.

It didn’t become a point of contention, as we bought a 1961 split level, which aren’t really known for their vintage charm and details.

[Hang with me as I make a rough transition here, I promise it all connects] We are done with the half bath. My dad has spent several days working on this half bathroom. He installed a new toilet, the vanity, light fixture, and hung the mirror (IKEA). We basically replaced everything but the floor – repainted, light fixture, mirror, vanity, toilet. As I looked at our cute new vanity cabinet, I felt like it just needed a little something.

A little something like THIS!

Don’t see it? Look a little closer dearie…

Oooo lala. I swapped out the really boring brushed nickel pull for that pretty. But that little bit of bling wasn’t quite enough for me. I also picked up this charmer (don’t mind the last screw that needs to be finished):

It’s a small (tiny) bathroom without much storage. There is currently a towel rack on the back of the door, but I plan to remove that when we paint the door. So I thought the little towel hook was a perfect and useful detail.

I bought both pieces of hardware from Anthropologie. The hook was on sale for $9.95 and the knob was $8. While I like Anthro’s clothes, I truly love their housewares section. It’s the perfect blend of vintage, color, and whimsy. Plus I feel like the housewares section is much more reasonably priced (for the most part) than their fashions!

Here is the finished look:


Sorry for the limited picture angles – it really is a tiny room! I’m happy with how this turned out. We spent less than $350 on the whole room, changing everything but the floors. When we bought the house it was grungy, wall papered, and dirty. Now it is light, attractive, and functional for our home and guests. We will eventually replace the floor in the foyer and bathroom, and I need to touch up the ceiling paint and buy a pretty soap dispenser and towel, but for now, I am considering it done!


7 thoughts on “A Lovely Little Bathroom

  1. beattisl says:

    Becca that looks SO good! I love seeing it all put together!! Although I was disappointed at first the other mirror wouldn’t work, this one looks fantastic. It’s all coming together so great!

  2. Straight Out Of Compton says:

    I lourve it!!! Definitely a good idea to add some pizzaz to the cabinet – she needed a hint of bling. Apparently the hand towels from Ikea have loops on them that work nicely with those hooks (like House*Tweaking did for her 1/2 bath)

  3. Sara Tschetter Christensen says:

    We have a few glass door knobs in our house that are far from functional. When we can replace them, I am thinking of using them as curtain tie-backs in the living room (a fun idea from Pinterest) because I love them too! They are so pretty.

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