Field Trip: The Granite Yard

This is a busy time in our lives. One of the hubs’ friends asked if I had quit my job and was working on the house full-time. I just assumed only people I talk to on a regular basis would be reading this pitiful little blog, but apparently I assumed wrong [that’s a good thing!]. So before I dive into talk of rocks and such, here’s a little background.

We both work full-time. We are currently living in an apartment, located 15 minutes away from our house. By living I mean sleeping and showering. We will be moving into the house very soon! When we bought the house two months ago, we agreed that if we were going to carry the financial burden of a house and rental at the same time, we had better work our tushes [tooshes?] off. And we have, nearly every night and weekend.  Andy has only taken one day off work for the house; everything has been done during non-work hours. We also have had enormous help from friends and family, for which we are very grateful.

Because of our busy schedules, our lunch hours have become precious. Both of us run to Lowes or the house all the time, taking care of what we can in that hour. Last week we talked to our granite fabricator and he told us to go to the granite yard to pick out our slabs. When we looked up the place, we found out they closed at 5 every day! Lunch date!

If you’ve never been to a granite yard, you should just go. It is an experience.  You walk into this huge warehouse. Both places we went had no check in or formal entryway – just walk right in! It’s organized chaos, giant slabs of granite everywhere, men driving trucks and picking up the granite using magnets. It’s crazy!

I really don’t understand how this doesn’t turn into dominoes, where huge slabs of granite tip each other over and smash. I guess they have a system.

Ever since we started the kitchen plans, I knew I wanted light, almost white, counter tops (Andy agreed). We currently have black granite counters and to be blunt, I hate them. The cheap junky laminate I had in past rentals was better. EVERY SINGLE SMUDGE shows on black granite. I’m sure I just don’t clean it right or something, but whatever. It is not my preference and once we decided to get granite, I knew I would not be choosing black. Plus with espresso cabinets, something light is a better match. Some of my inspiration:

Source: via Becca on Pinterest

Source: via Becca on Pinterest



Oh baby! Way back in March we went to a granite yard and decided we liked this, called River White:

Well, when we got to the granite yard last week, they said they were out of River White! Ahhhh! Instantly I saw our project being pushed out even longer. Noooooooooo……..

Good thing the hubs is slightly less prone to panic. He asked, “so what do you have that’s similar?”

Such a brilliant man.

Because granite in white or light colors is very limited, ten minutes later we signed the dotted line for this beauty:

It’s called Glacier White and we like it better than our original pick! It has a white base, with lots of gray and even some purple hints in it. Lots more pictures to come when it’s installed – NEXT WEEK! And I’ll include an explanation of why we chose granite, and what other options we considered.

Exciting times friends, exciting times.


4 thoughts on “Field Trip: The Granite Yard

  1. MarcieDail says:

    It is beautiful! We have grey quartz counters and love love love them. They hide so much…which at this stage of life is perfection.

    • BecccaDing says:

      Hey happy birthday lady! Being able to wipe the counters and not show smudges was really key for me! It’s scheduled to be installed next Monday or Tuesday – I can’t wait.

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