My Husband, the Plumber

When dreaming up our new kitchen, there were a few key things we wanted.

A farmhouse sink (success).

An open floor plan (check).

Oh and, running water.

Surprisingly, that last item was not as easy as it sounded.

In most older homes the piping under the sink is too high for modern sinks (which are deeper than they used to be). And then when you throw in a monster of a farmhouse sink, you have a challenge.

Thankfully, my dad has some plumbing experience. Weeks ago, he and Andy spent a long afternoon/night lowering the pipes to ensure the plumbing would even fit.

Hello under my sink.

Then a few days ago he came back and they worked on installing our garbage disposal, faucet, and the plumbing.

Check out that classy lady! [yes my faucet is female].

My dad taught Andy the basics of plumbing, but finally had to leave when it was well past 10 p.m.

But he had clearly given Andy wings to fly, because the next night the hubs and his buddy Brian put together some seriously stellar plumbing.

Almost there…

The final product! No leaks and still lots of room to spare.

I think if it were not for the whole nasty toilets thing, Andy might consider changing his career path… Although it was a project that had its stressful moments, in the end he was deservedly proud of his DIY plumbing skills.

I’m pretty sure I’ll still be the one plunging toilets though.


One thought on “My Husband, the Plumber

  1. Michele Green says:

    I am soooo impressed! You’re obviously a quick learner. Don’t tell Dad-in-Law, but you’re faster than him! :~))
    Your Mother-in-Law

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