Trim, Beadboard, and Doors

This is a big week friends. Countertops go in tomorrow, appliances on Wednesday. We may even start the backsplash! I’m also ending my job of almost five years this week so I’ll have a few days off to pack, etc. before I start my next gig. Whew! If you’re worried you might not be one of the first to hear the latest Ringing news, feel free to subscribe to new posts on the right sidebar. Just click the follow button.

This was an odd weekend filled with lots of little tasks.

We had two window salesmen come out to visit. All I’ll say about that is yikes – windows are pricey!

The biggest project we tackled was starting to paint all the doors. On Saturday Andy brought about half the doors into the garage. I washed them, and then he sanded them down, wiped them again, primed them, and put one coat of paint on. They still need a second coat of paint. Then we’ll flip them and repeat the process! Tedious, but not super difficult.

I finished painting ALL the trim in the house! I painted the doorways and trim in the three spare bedrooms (we’ll paint the walls…later). Andy installed some new trim in the kitchen.

Our kitchen peninsula finally got dressed! Instead of its naked “back of the cabinets” look, it now has beadboard that we painted gray to match the wall above it. Love it! We are debating if we will put stools by it or not. I would like the extra seating but am concerned it will be too crowded when we get a proper dining room table in there.

Before our Mothers Day festivities, the man and I went to IKEA. I had read on a few blogs that the Karlstad sectional was a good value, comfortable, and BIG. IKEA is running a 15% rebate on sofas until the end of June, so we decided to check it out. As you can see, it is indeed big, and provides lots of room to stretch out!

If we decide to go with this couch, we would get the sectional with an added on chaise lounge, seen below in the light gray version. The chaise is totally “me sized” – perfect for me to stretch out on! Love it. We are always worried about IKEA quality, but this couch has lots of good reviews, removable covers, and comes with a 10 year warranty. Our new living room is large, so we knew we’d want to get a big sectional. This one is about a third the cost of comparable ones at stores like Crate and Barrel, Room and Board, etc.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


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