Granite Countertops Reveal (Part 1)

The countertops are in! Almost…

One of the smaller pieces was cut incorrectly, so the granite guys are returning this week to finish that off. No worries though. I’m glad they easily owned up to the mistake and didn’t give the Man any issues about it.

But most of it is done and looks great! One step closer to a finished kitchen!

To recap, we ended up with a granite called Glacier White. It’s a white base with lots of gray and purple in it. It contrasts nicely with the espresso cabinets. Here is a picture Andy took during the day with natural light.


I really like how the sink still pops from the granite.


A close up. Can you see the purple? When you come over you will have to look closely – it’s like amethysts mixed into the stone.


We ended up doing a 12 inch overhang. We are a little unsure about that decision. I think I will like the extra serving room, and we’ll have the option to add stools. However, it does eat into the dining room space more than we visualized. I’m sure we’ll get used to it. 


Here’s the sad granite-less corner. Don’t worry corner. Your time is coming.

Today half of the appliances are coming (the other half are being installed by a professional and will come later this week).

So why did we end up choosing granite? We looked at every option – quartz, butcher block, concrete. In the end, quartz and granite are well above every other option in terms of durability and long-term performance. We really wanted quartz, but most quartz does not have the large graining/patterns in it that granite naturally does. There are beautiful options available, but they are closer to $90/square foot. Yikes! Our granite was $40/square foot.

Some friends got honed granite recently – granite that is not buffed to be shiny. Although we went with the traditional buffed look, I really like how honed granite looks. If you want granite but are feeling like being unique, I highly recommend that option. Also, I think islands look really good in butcher block. If our peninsula was an island, we likely would have done that. But 60 square feet of butcher block would be too much to maintain (at least for me).

We’re happy with our decision and eager to see everything start to come together! Next steps to finishing the kitchen:

1. Appliances part 1 installed

2. Rest of granite installed

3. Appliances part 2 installed

4. Backsplash started (hopefully)



6 thoughts on “Granite Countertops Reveal (Part 1)

  1. MarcieDail says:

    It looks wonderfully dreamy!

    We have grey quartz on the cabinets and butcher block on our island. I’ll have to post pictures one day….

    • BecccaDing says:

      I actually preferred the more subtle look of quartz, but Andy really liked the more interesting patterns in granite, so I submitted 😉 We both loved butcher block on islands. Maybe in the next house!

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