Officially In the In Between

I am right smack dab in the in between right now.

I’m in between jobs (new one starts Monday).

And I’m in between homes.

I started serious packing and moving yesterday. My mother-in-law is amazing and helped me pack up almost my whole kitchen AND unpack most of it at the new place. I also took a few loads over of the non-essential stuff – picture frames, bread maker, wall art.

So now I don’t just have a house that is in disarray. I have a house AND an apartment. That are. A. Mess.

Le sigh.

The good news is our movers are scheduled to come next Friday afternoon for the furniture. I expect by Saturday afternoon we will be 100 percent moved in! Things will still be chaotic, but a least the chaos will be confined to one town.

Some quick updates:

The corner granite piece was installed yesterday! They did a great job and were extremely apologetic about the mistake.

A few people told me they wanted to see a closer up of the granite. Those specks are purple.

Half the appliances are here! I’ll do a run down later on what appliances we chose and why. We ended up with mostly LG (except the dishwasher and hood, which aren’t installed yet). It is so nice to be able to do a little cooking in all the mess!

The basement has pretty bad lighting. Sorry.

I’ll post more pics once the final appliances are installed to give you the feel for the whole kitchen. Overall, I am very pleased. The granite and cabinets are the perfect combination for our tastes. The wall color highlights the granite wonderfully. I’m excited to get the backsplash in to see the more final look!

Ok – back to packing!


4 thoughts on “Officially In the In Between

    • BecccaDing says:

      No! It’s actually the walls! They are like this plastic board. I have no idea what it is, but I do know that I could have a butcher shop down there and it would be super easy to clean.

  1. Tricia says:

    How fun! That looks like our stove. It will have a little light show with music whenever it’s done preheating for you. Bekah finds it rather entertaining. :o)

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