Why Yes, I Do Garden

One of the reasons we bought our house was because of the yard.

As the husband said “it’s a special yard.”

Or at least it was. Until weeds overtook it.

While we have been busy inside the past few months, weeds have been busy outside. Growing. Everywhere.

This weekend I finally had time to begin to tackle it.

Emphasis on the word begin.

There is still a lot of work to be done. Including a massive patch of weeds by the shed and an entire space that looks like a dog run but really was a vegetable garden. But is now a garden of decay and weeds.

Le sigh.

So last weekend I gathered my tools.

And got to work.

In these beds I planted nasturtiums. When I was a kid I used to grow these. They grow big, fast and are very hearty. They eat up the heat and sun and produce pretty flowers. I like them, so I planted a lot of them. I also planted some zinnias and two day lily plants my friend Sara graciously gave me…two months ago. Sorry Sara!

I like digging around and making something that was messy a little nicer. I will like it better when pretty flowers start to grow!

But for now, I am thankful I have some leftovers from the old owners.

Like this columbine. I’m going to turn this patch into my “Heritage Garden” and plant some bleeding heart and coral bells from my grandma. And yes, I will tell everyone it is the “Heritage Garden.” Maybe I will even make a sign.

Doesn’t everyone have their own rose garden? I wonder how long it will be until I manage to kill all these [inadvertently]. That’s  clematis at the end – I don’t know when that will start blooming?

Fresh cut flowers make half painted walls and drywall sticking out seem much more refined.


3 thoughts on “Why Yes, I Do Garden

  1. Sara Tschetter Christensen says:

    Those lilies are impossible to kill, don’t worry 🙂 And it is SO nice that you were left with such pretty plants. You have a great start, just to maintain what you acquired with the house. That is so much easier than starting with nothing! I am still learning a lot, but I really love working outside!

  2. Michele Green says:

    FYI: Clematis bloom early spring. I think yours bloomed already! Sometimes, with the right care :~0, they will bloom again during the summer.

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