It’s a Party..Er…Work Day!

My in-laws like to get together. We take almost any excuse to have a gathering and eat good food. I’d love Andy if his family was awful, but it’s certainly a big bonus that they are fun and generous people.

Emphasis intended on the generous.

They all volunteered to come over and “help” this past Saturday for a Memorial Day gathering. I just assumed that maybe they’d unpack a few boxes, but mostly we’d sit and gab and eat. Well, we did that, but it’s safe to say everyone earned their brats and cookies.

Led by Andy’s Uncle Bruce, the young and/or foolish decided to take on the vegetable garden. AKA, the weed garden. This patch was so overgrown I was truly embarrassed. But they attacked it, pulling out weeds and loosening up the dirt. I am pretty sure I am just going to plant an annual grass in there to keep the weeds to a minimum until next year.

The finished result! Seriously amazing. Amid the weeds they found a ton of dill, lettuce, and leeks galore.

We had a healthy family debate about the state of our two [huge] pine trees. While it’s nice to have them and they provide great shade to the house, they were a little overgrown and were visually cutting off the yard. Andy volunteered to trim the tree branches to about where a person could stand underneath them.

It was hard work. Andy has the scratches to prove it. But I love how it opens up the yard! A very good alternative to my suggestion of cutting them down entirely.

I have many perfectionists amongst my in-laws. Andy’s dad and Uncle Mike spent a few hours perfecting things. I don’t even really know what it was, but I know it was important.

But the true perfectionists are my mother in law and Aunt [in law] Joyce. I asked them if they would put contact paper on my honey colored master bedroom shelves. It became a MUCH bigger project than I anticipated [I seem to do that a lot…] but they did a superb job and I am loving this pop of color in my closet.

It was a fun and exhausting day! We are so grateful for such loving family, on both sides.


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