Moving Right Along

Do you know what I am doing now?

I’m sitting on the couch. Next to Andy.

That hasn’t happened in weeks. Months, really.

We are finally, finally in our new house! Yikes it has been a crazy past week. I started a new job, Andy was traveling, and I spent every free moment moving carloads between the apartment and house.

But now we are here!

Moving stinks. We spent Thursday night taking apart furniture and getting things ready for the movers.

Andy was at work when the movers came. That means yours truly dealt with three Polish guys handling all our furniture! At the new house I pretty much just had them dump stuff anywhere to make things go as fast as possible.

They were very careful with all our furniture. The lead guy even gave me a [nice] lecture about putting felt pads on the bottom of everything. Don’t worry, we did!

The house doesn’t feel like home yet. But I am really enjoying it. A few things I think I am going to love about home ownership and this house specifically:

  • Use of my own washer and dryer, anytime I want. Now the first time they break I might change my mind…
  • Being able to change, or at least talk about changing, almost anything we want.
  • The neighborhood. I love summer, and with the big trees and tons of kids out playing, this feels like what a home should be to me.

We have been extremely busy this weekend, so look for posts this week with updates!

But wait! My clematis bloomed! It must be happy we’re home 🙂


2 thoughts on “Moving Right Along

  1. MarcieDail says:

    Welcome home! Enjoy this long weekend to get settled in and, more importantly, spending some quality time with Hubs.

  2. Diane Schultz says:

    Becca, you sound so happy and content. I’m sure Andy is also. YOUR FIRST HOUSE, what a great event that you will always remember. I love that Everding clan also!!!!! They are the BEST. Congratulations………..and God bless you in your new home. We love you. (and Grandpa)
    Grandma Schultz

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