Thankful Tuesday

I have a friend who does Thankful days on her blog. I think it’s a fun idea and certainly fit my attitude for this long weekend. So here we go.  I’m thankful for:

My husband, aka Handy Andy. He has worked so hard all weekend, and for the past few months. He’s learned how to do an amazing expanse of things, and how to do them well. Here he is replacing outlets. No, not just the covers. The outlets. What a chore!

This little guy! Some of our besties just had their first baby this weekend. Jacob is precious and I can’t wait to spend more time with him.

Progress on my yard. Hoping for more little plants popping up this week like this nasturtium! Grow little plant, grow!

And this beautiful planter Andy’s grandma gave to us. She went to three nurseries to find one that was just right!

Our new hallway flush mount. We looked a lot and never found anything that was really worth dishing out big bucks for. Plus I want the dining room chandelier (which we are hoping to start this week or next weekend) to stand out, and these are both in the same line of sight.

While we didn’t splurge on the hallway lighting, we did splurge on this cool new thermostat. It’s called The Nest and it is a learning thermostat. It connects to WiFi and adjusts based on the weather and your preferences.

I only have one room with carpet. But it is clean carpet. My parents came on Memorial Day and did thankless work – cleaning carpets and fixing leaky plumbing.

I can’t believe the weekend is over and it’s already time to go back to work! I’m still way too tired!


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