The Kitchen De-Chaosed

We have a big big BIG post coming either tomorrow or the next day! But it’s been awhile since I posted and I wanted to share a little bit about how this mess is becoming a home. Now, it doesn’t really feel like home to me yet. We’ve had family and some friends over the past few days, and all that is helping me settle in!

Once we finished grouting the backsplash Andy had to caulk the edge between the counter and the backsplash. When that was finished I was able to start to organize things. Still lots of accessorizing to go, but I’m feeling a little less crazy-brained about it. The chaos was getting to me!

I was so excited to finally have a space to keep my 13 cup Cuisinart out at! That deep corner is perfect for that useful, but not used every day, tool.


That corner is a wee bit crowded. I’m thinking about how I can spread things out a little. But it’s nice because it’s the furthest away from all the major appliances, so you can get a cup of coffee without getting in the way.


I want to do something pretty at that far end. Even just a tall vase with flowers. I’m traveling for business this week and just hated to buy flowers right before I left town!


I love the peninsula! It’s so nice to have someone sitting on the other side and be able to chop and talk to them at the same time. I love for my guests to just relax while I cook for them!


And hint – take a good look at that last picture! It contains something that may or may not be there anymore 😉 Oh I am such a tease!


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