String Globe Chandelier

Ladies and gentlemen, we have success! People have asked me about this project probably more than any project we’ve talked about doing. It just seemed so…out there. And weird. But cool (if it worked) at the same time.

We learned a lot doing this project. Andy is really process minded and he thought through every step. We had found a few tutorials online that were a good start, but didn’t answer all our questions. Hopefully tomorrow we will post a full tutorial, with the corresponding pictures for others to reference. You know, just in case you want one of your own!

I’m going to post a teaser pic today (because we’re dying to show off!).


In Andy’s words, this is the project he is the most proud of. I think because he really did a lot of research and planning and figured it out himself. No one really helped him (well I did, but I basically just did the really messy stuff. The actual thinking was all him). And yesterday, when the top started to sag a little, he figured out a solution quickly and cheaply. And we love how it looks! It’s contemporary and attention getting, but not overly so.

More pics and tips to come…


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