A Place to Stretch Out

I apologize for my spotty blogging. The commute for my new job is quite a bit longer and Andy and I both have been traveling separately for work. Between all that and things like making dinner and paying bills, there hasn’t been a lot of time for interesting projects! And we really have been taking more time to relax and be with friends now that we are moved in. We couldn’t keep up the pace we were doing forever!

This weekend however was VERY blog worthy!

I mentioned before we wanted a new sectional couch for our living room. It’s a big room and needed a lot of sitting space. Ever since we made our very first furniture shopping trip when we first got married, we have been in love with chaise lounges on sectionals. Imagine a couch where we could BOTH stretch out and still be next to each other! What bliss!

The catcher is, most of the sectionals we have seen over the years are really expensive. Add on a chaise lounge [if it’s an option] and forget about it! A lot of people told us about IKEA couches, but truthfully, we are both pretty wary of IKEA furniture. We’ve had some keepers but also some “total pieces of junk” [to paraphrase Andy]. And a couch? That you put together yourself? No thanks, I’ll skip that crazy juice.

Then I read on Young House Love about their similar search for a sectional to stretch out on. They ended up buying the IKEA Karlstad, in Dark Sivik Gray and they loved it – even one year later.  So we had to check it out in the store. Once there, we really liked it too. The size, plus the price, with the 10 year warranty made it a deal we couldn’t resist. Plus they are running a special deal [see the end of the post for info on that] to buy before the end of June. I was handing over my credit card before you could say slip cover.

Andy and his brother made the 10 minute trek to IKEA on Saturday. They borrowed Andy’s parents SUV and loaded it up with all the boxes. Let’s just say it was a good thing I didn’t join them. I might have ended up walking home.

We all had to run to my sister-in-law’s graduation party, so they just managed to get all the boxes inside the house.

As with all things IKEA, part of the savings comes from putting your purchase together yourself. With this mound of boxes I was really worried it was going to be a stressful night. However, I managed to put on all the cushion covers and Andy put together the frame in under two hours. Not bad!

So how do we like the couch? Well, it is definitely not a super cushy couch, like our old one was. Here’s a look at our old one [which is now in the “family” room – aka the only room with carpet]. While it was a really soft, I’m going to fall asleep on you, sofa, I just did not like how it went with the room.

But other than the firmness, which I will adjust to, I like the new couch. The angles are harder and more modern, which goes with the flow of the room. The color is dark, which means stains and dirt won’t show easily. And if we do stain it (likely with me in the house), each cushion has a removable, washable cover.

But by far, the best part is just how big it is. We are one of those couples who likes to be in the same room as much as possible. Some might call me clingy, I just say adoring wife. I liked to sit on the couch with Andy before, but it was like playing Tetris to get both of us comfortable. Now there are many ways to both of us to stretch our legs and still be next to each other. That alone makes this purchase worth it!

Sorry for the blurriness, the lighting is bad at night.

The chaise lounge is just perfectly sized.

For those interested, this is Ikea’s Karlstad couch. They are running a 15% back on an IKEA gift card special through the end of June. We plan to use our gift card on hardware for the kitchen cabinets and possibly a lazy susan for one of our corner cabinets. In total the couch was around $1300, with $180 back for purchases we were going to make anyways.

We are currently searching for a rug to put underneath the couch to add some softness to the room. Then I have my eyes on more throw pillows to soften up the firm couch! It will be awhile before this room can be considered done, but this was a “big” step!


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