Hey there baby!

Two of my closest friends have had babies in the past two weeks. When they announced they were due just 5 days apart, I knew life was about to change, yes even for me. But now that the little poopers are here I can safely say, it’s all for the better. Andy and I are having a blast being “Aunt Becca” and “Uncle Andy.”

One of Andy’s favorite things to do is tummy time with his buddy Jake.

I think Andy wore him out.

In case you aren’t into all things baby, tummy time is really important. Babies sleep on their backs now [to reduce SIDS risk], so you have to put them on their tum-tums several times a day so they learn to strengthen their neck muscles. It cracks me up when Andy puts Jake on his tummy to do tummy time. You can totally tell Jake is a boy  by how Dan and Andy coach him on.

I have a feeling tummy time will have a gentler approach with THIS little angel.

Rachael had her precious girl this past weekend.  Now, when we saw Jake in the hospital two weeks ago he was so cute with his baby old man face. But Claire is all girl, with big pinchable cheeks, so sweet.

She is going to be so spoiled by her Aunt Stef and Aunt Becca. Claire sweetie, it will be in your best interest to ask Stef to do your hair and/or makeup for dress up time. I can make you  Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes though.

It’s really fun to be a part of these babies lives. Congrats to the new mommas and daddies! Bring them over for babysitting anytime 🙂


One thought on “Hey there baby!

  1. Joseph Baran says:

    Drat, I was hoping this was going to be a lead in to a big announcement! Have fun with the kids, as of two months ago I get to experience what it’s like to be an uncle.

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