Brains and Brawn

It was hot, hot, hot this weekend, but that didn’t stop Andy and I from using our minds and muscles outdoors. Well, Andy was smart and spent most of his time in the shaded garage. I was…more committed…and spent my time tackling the messiest part of the yard in the burning sun.

First Andy. He built a work bench! All by himself! With no plans or anything. AND it’s really nice.

Here he is working on it.

And this is the final! See that nice top? He saved a sliding closet door, I think from our kitchen pre-demolition to use. I couldn’t believe he had the forethought to save it for that purpose! It looks great and will be really useful for the many projects he has plans to tackle.

Onto my job. Let me give you a piece of advice, if you are planning on buying a home with a yard that needs some TLC. Get my mom to adopt you. That’s really the best guidance I can offer. Between the manual labor and all the plants she has brought from her own garden, it’s been a huge help.

While the yard is far from done, this was the last total, insane, pile of weeds and madness mess. It’s a large plot in the back of the yard next to the shed.

Insane right? I couldn’t even tell what was in there. I told my mom I was going to tackle it and she promptly said, uh why don’t you let me help you with that.

So this past Saturday she came over, tools in hand, and helped me clean ‘er up.

Here she is working hard while I take pictures 😉

There were multiple gooseberry bushes. That big thing in the middle is one we trimmed down to keep. The others had to be removed. One was basically pure evil. I felt a moral victory when I finally pulled the root out. That is like a third of the root pictured below. There is a sermon illustration somewhere in there.

Here it is mostly cleaned up! We then planted some perennials she brought for me – daisies, irises, lambs ear, poppies and something else. They all look kind of sad right now, but soon will be brightening up this formerly disastrous patch of yard.

It’s safe to say I still only know a little about gardening. But you know what they say – it’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know 😉


One thought on “Brains and Brawn

  1. Michele Green says:

    Thanks for the “plugs” AND for not taking a close up of me! Very considerate. BTW: I am available to friends of Becca and Andy for yard work (a great way to workout!) or gardening advice.

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