The Great Rug Search

About 2.4 seconds after we set up our sectional in the living room Andy and I started thinking about what else we needed in the room.

You see, barely anything in our house is finished. The kitchen is the closest to being 100 percent complete, but even it needs some trim here and there. We have a million different projects we could do and things we could buy, but I think I am realizing we need to focus our energies and dollars. Maybe things won’t get to 100 percent – I don’t want to rush decisions, and rooms take time to develop as you see what they will be used for. But we can at least get one room at a time to 85 percent. That’s a solid B. I can live with that!

Back to the living room. This is our main room. We spent 50 percent of waking hours when we’re home here [30 percent in the kitchen, 10 percent outside, 5 percent in the bedroom and 5 percent in the bathroom – loose estimate ;)]. Because it’s so central to our life, we decided to focus our finishing energies here. Starting with a rug.

We felt an area rug would help add some color to what is otherwise a very “cool” room. Also some softness. We said we both wanted color,  but it took awhile to find some common ground.

Andy started out suggesting things like this [found here].


And I was like, what about something like this?

Hayden Zig Zag Rug - Porcelain Blue

And he was like, why are you so boring?

After going to 95 different stores like Crate and Barrel and HomeGoods, we finally decided we liked a style called trellis rugs.

I was drawn over and over to the geometric pattern. Andy agreed he liked it IF we could get it in a brighter color. So after a lot of web searching and a well-timed sale, we ordered this last night!

It’s from Overstock [click here]. We are hoping it’s not super gold, but against our dark floors it will look different anyways. It got great reviews, qualifies for free returns if we don’t like it [although that will be a pain] and $3.00 shipping. Our total was just over $300, which we felt was a good price for a 7.5 ft x 9.5 ft rug.

It should be here at the end of this week or early next week. Once we have that we have a whole list of other things to do – which is probably a blog post for later this week!


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