A Quick Look at the ____ Room

One of the funny things about being a new homeowner is trying to mutually determine what to call certain rooms.

Most aren’t very hard.

Kitchen – yes the one with the food.

Master bedroom – the one where the masters sleep. Check.

It’s when we come to the terms living room and family room it gets a little more complicated.

We have the “big room” where we do most of our hanging out, casual and formal. That’s where we just put our new sectional and are going to put our new rug.

And then we have this “other” room, that happens to be the only room in the house with carpet. However, in the realtor’s notes on the house, this was called the family room.

A typical conversation in our house goes like this:

Andy: Babe, where does this go?

Me: In the family room.

Andy: [pause] which room is that?

Me: The one with carpet.

I’ve even started just calling it the carpeted room, which sounds weird to guests.

I’ve maintained that this room will someday be a playroom for kiddos, as it’s right off the kitchen and, in case you weren’t paying attention, it’s carpeted. But while it’s just the two of us, we may just keep stumbling over what to call it.

I have taken so few pictures of this room because it kind of just became a dumping ground. This is it on the weekend we moved in:

Now, it did get cleared up significantly over the last few weeks. After we bought the sectional, we moved our old couches in here. But it still looked random. Well, last night, a half hour before our small group was coming over for a cookout, we quickly cleaned it up!

Months ago Jessica helped me paint this room. We did one wall in svelte sage and the other in bracing blue. I really did NOT like the green at first, but once we painted the doors and trim white I was much happier. That is the door to the garage, and also the only way to the backyard via the house.

I loved this painting in our last apartment [I bought it at TJ Maxx for like $50] on a mauve wall. But it seems like it was made for this green background.

That closet is a great storage space for our vacuum, winter coats, etc. That random chair is probably not going to stay there.

See those double windows? Those look into the backyard. Our idea/hope/plan is to turn those windows into a sliding door. Unfortunately this is going to be both really expensive and time-consuming, so it’s on hold for now.

If you feel like stretching out on the floor in our house, you know what room to go to.


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