An Instagram Look at the Pink Bathroom

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know that the pink bathroom and I are less than best buds.

When we first bought the house I was just amused by the pink toilet, floors, and bathtub. This is what it looked like before we bought the house.

Then I started to take down the wallpaper and I went through the five stages of wallpaper removal. Frustration, anger, rage, depression, and hopelessness.

But thanks to the help of a good friend and my mom, we managed to remove all the wallpaper and glue backing. I don’t want to talk about how long that took. I took an emotional break for a month and then painted it bright white. My mom spent about 10 hours scrubbing it until it was shiny. Still ugly, but sparkling clean. See how that 40-year-old faucet shines?

Our plan is to eventually 100% redo this bathroom. It will be the main bathroom for any kids we have as well as overnight guests. It’s also the only bathroom with a bathtub. However, we lack the funds and more so the desire to do a total bathroom gut right now, and it is functional. So I am on a mission to “make it work,” as Tim Gunn would say.

Andy questioned my judgement in creating this post as he still thinks the bathroom looks ugly. He is right. It does. But we’ve made small baby steps to make it look a little better. And Jesus gave us Instagram to be able to take bad pictures and make them look better. So here is a quick instagram look at our slightly improved pink bathroom.

If you walk by this is what you will see…

There was nowhere to put a towel, and I didn’t want to drill into the tile. So I bought a $2 hook that sticks on and put it behind the door. I bought a gray towel with white trim from TJ Maxx.

One of my first steps was to replace the shower curtain and shower rod. The one in the house was rusty and gross. Yuck. I purchased a tension rod from Target and some new curtain rings and hung up our old gray curtain from our last apartment (it was also from Target).

To keep with the theme, I bought a nice soft gray rug to cover up some of the pink tile.

We hung up this peaceful beach scene Andy’s aunt gave us a few years ago. It’s probably way too nice to put in a bathroom, but I like how the colors calm down the pink a bit.

So this is where we are! It’s still pink, it’s still horribly dated, but I feel we’ve made some good first steps.

Now we are trying to think about how to paint the cabinet. Then we will replace the faucet too. Oh wait your faucet doesn’t say Exquisite on the hot and cold handles?

The funniest thing is, for as much as I despised this bathroom – it’s kind of become mine! I wake up way before Andy now. One thing about our hardwood floors is noise travels really well. The first few days my getting ready noise woke Andy up well before his alarm. So I switched my stuff to the hall bathroom. I also prefer the larger shower so it is working out well. Andy is sleeping and I have room to shave my legs. A win all around. Even if I have to do it in a pink tub.


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