Raving about our Overstock.com Rug

Our rug is here! Our rug is here! [picture me running in circles in our foyer].

A round of high fives to overstock.com. We ordered this exceptionally well-priced rug on a Sunday night, so basically Monday. It was delivered Thursday. For three dollars shipping cost. I do not understand how companies (grr…west elm) continue to charge $7 and up for shipping for normal pieces, and $30 and up for larger items, like say a rug. If overstock can do it you should at least be able to offer a free site to store option!

/end rant

To recap, we wanted a rug with a punch of color to liven up our very soothing living room. With gray and grayish blue walls and a dark gray/blue couch, Andy was insistent that we needed to liven things up. We searched like we always do – very intensely for a few days or a week and then we get tired of looking and pull the trigger on something. Overstock had a rug we liked, that we thought fit the  bill, on a 15% off sale, so we went for it. Sometimes these quick decisions mean we have to go through hassle to make a return. But sometimes we strike gold!

Guess which one this was?

Andy was out-of-town when the rug came, so I struggled easily pulled the rug inside because I am super strong.

Then I cut the plastic off and unrolled it.

Then I frantically texted Andy pictures.

When Andy got home from his work trip he put it in place.

I don’t know why on the web description gold sounded so ugly to me, but it is totally that deepish yellow, mustard, honeycomb [thanks Lane] color that is very in. I LOVE the pattern and think it is a modern but classic style that we can use for a long time.

Most rugs we looked at were either soft like babies, but with impractical high pile OR a nice low pile but felt like staples. I almost can’t believe we found a rug [that we didn’t feel before ordering] that was right in between! It’s soft enough to take your shoes off, but not so thick I die slowly when I think about cleaning it.  It’s thick, but not too thick.

For those interested, we paid $300, including the shipping, for a 7 1/2 feet by 9 1/2 feet rug.

Next on the list – a shelf that goes behind the couch and some lamps!


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