One Month House-versary

As of this past week, we lived in our house for one month. Now that we have lived here, had friends and family over, cooked, and cleaned, I’m starting to get a better idea about some of the choices we made. Sure it’s easy to love your purchases before you actually have to use them. So here is one thing about our house that I’m loving, one thing I’m not thrilled about, and what I need to wait and see on.

Love it.

My farmhouse sink. Yes, you heard me talk endlessly about it. If you follow me on Pinterest you endured pages of repins [sorry about that by the way].  Now that I am cooking most days I am so glad [and grateful] we went through all the hassle to get it and install it. It is wonderful. I can lay a saute pan flat to soak on one side and pile up tons of dishes on the other. I also have not found it difficult to clean. Sure it shows food marks like any white sink, but they pretty much wipe right off. I have not had to use Bar Keepers Friend or any other product to get marks off. And everyone who has been to the house comments on it [and not just people who heard me endlessly obsess…]

Because I love it so much I’ll post two pictures.

Not thrilled.

This is pretty minor, but our refrigerator door is a pain to open. You kind of have to jerk it. Otherwise the fridge is great. It fits a lot and cools well. And our favorite little girl, Lucy, told us the other night that she really likes our fridge. So there you go.

Wait and see.

Sadly, our DIY chandelier.  Yes we love how it looks. But we think we made a mistake when we installed it by not putting in the hard plastic around the lightbulb to help distribute the weight right away. We waited one night, and when we woke up it had already buckled. From there the sagging got worse with age…not unlike most women. So we are probably going to try to redo the ball part. Thankfully, the complicated work is the electrical stuff, which is done now. We should be able to just repeat the process, add a coat of some acrylic sealant for good measure, and hang it up again. It doesn’t really look that awful, just not what we originally intended!


So that’s the one month [and a few days] check in. We’ll see what happens the next few months!


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