New Things

We are slowly replacing and adding new things here and there.

This past week we got a new rug for our foyer:

You can see it here at, but we ordered it from Joss & Main for $50 I think. Joss & Main is a cool web site. You have to register to use it, but then you get access to new “sales” every day – all housewares. They range in styles and price points.

We like the rug. It’s not our favorite-est thing ever, but it provides a nice color pop and it’s a good size.

We also replaced the back patio light. It kind of fell apart so I didn’t even take a before picture. So just close your eyes and visualize something hideous that might illuminate a patio. Ok? And this is what we replaced it with. From Lowes, about $35.

One of the major reasons we bought the house was because of the backyard. It is a great size for our town and just really pleasant. Unfortunately, the beginning of summer, when we moved in, is not the most cost effective time to buy a patio set. So we’ve been jimmy rigging side tables and random chairs to use when we want to go outside (or asking friends to Bring Your Own Chair).

Home Depot had a good deal on a set of four patio chairs – four for $60. So we snagged them up. They are comfortable and stackable and will provide good supplementary seating to whatever patio set we do end up with.

See those windows above the chairs? Our hope is to someday turn that into a sliding door. Then we will really be able to party 🙂


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