I was at camp with my junior highers this past week, so this update is actually like two weeks old. Oh well. TONS has been happening while I was gone so look for some exciting updates to come.

Listen up though. This particular post is big.

The kitchen is…done.

You thought the kitchen was done before didn’t you? Fooled you!

While the kitchen was by far the most complete room in the house, I mentioned we still needed to put the trim [molding] on the cabinets. And you probably noticed we needed to add framing to the kitchen window [it got torn off when we removed the offensive soffitt].

Andy’s dad came over a few weekends ago for another manly work day. We had purchased molding with our cabinets to make them appear flush to the ceiling. But since it’s purely cosmetic, we had not gotten around to installing it yet. So lazy. I know.

I thought it looked pretty good before:

But now va-va-voom!

I was seriously shocked by how much better the cabinets looks. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s like adding a cute pair of shoes to a nice outfit.

Here is what the window looked like before. I honestly had gotten really used to it looking this way, with no framing around the window. But then a visitor asked if we were going to put new framing on and it was like…duh.

And a short project later:


I’m really pleased with how the kitchen looks a little bit more finalized. We still have a little accessorizing to do [and some wine to buy for the wine rack], but overall I think I can consider the kitchen trimmed and done!


One thought on “Kitchen…Done

  1. Chris Meisner says:

    Nice Work Guys!!! We did a lot of sanding/mudding, but didn’t do nearly what you guys did!! Can’t wait to come see it- And you guys need to come up to Lake Geneva & go in the boat one of these evenings for dinner!!!

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