Globe Chandelier Fix

Remember how sad I was that our globe chandelier was collapsing?

It looked so forlorn and….deflated.

But wait! We may have fixed it. For how long, I don’t know. But for now instead of a string globe we have a string teardrop!

That’s right! When my aunt visited in June she mentioned that we could perhaps work with the natural sagging of the globe. Even it out, make it look intentional. Didn’t Tollhouse discover chocolate chip cookies by accident?

Armed with our clothes steamer Andy did just that!

It’s hard to get a good picture, but basically he trimmed down the plastic piece that was helping to distribute the weight. Then he softened the areas he wanted to collapse with the steamer. Voila!

This is what it was the day we did it:



We’ll see if it lasts, but for now, I really like the teardrop shape.

Here’s a close up:

Another quick update, we have officially obliterated the honey colored wood from our house.

Also while I was at camp, Andy took on the tedious task of painting the railing white. It was the last piece of trim that was still the honey wood color. Honestly, I had ceased to even see it anymore.

Happy Thursday everyone!


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