Change Your Shutters, Change Your Life

Ok that is slightly dramatic. Changing your shutters probably won’t change your life. It WILL however, dramatically change the front of your house. If you have a home that needs some love on the outside, I strongly recommend considering swapping out (or installing for the first time) shutters.

Here is a shot of the front of the house from when we first bought it. How happy I look. I know not what lies ahead… Anyways, see those white shutters? We felt they were very “meh.” It could be worse, but the white color really doesn’t do anything for the house, right? Plus, like everything else in the house, they were old, falling apart, and dirty.


Originally we thought we were going to paint the shutters. Then we found out you can buy new shutters that are already painted for around $40 a pair. We ordered these, from Lowes.

All you need to do this is a ladder and a drill. A level might help too. I helped with this project, sitting on the inside of the house on the window and helping to hold the shutter, hand the drill, etc. So you might want two people. And it would be best if your second person had any upper body strength at all to help steady the shutters…unlike someone…

Andy started by removing the old shutters, and then scrubbing the dirt off.

He started with the shutters that he could put on standing on the roof. My job was to say if things looked level. That’s a lot of pressure for someone who is spatially challenged.

Maybe an hour later we had this!

I think it makes a difference! It just looks fresher and draws less attention to how orangey the brick is.

To keep rolling with the blue, Andy decided to paint the trim on the garage door from blah brown to blue. Our garage door is super old and will need to be replaced ASAP anyways. So we decided what the hey, let’s just see how the blue looks.

More changes to the front of the house coming soon!


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