Walk Right On In

I think it’s fair to say that the curb appeal of our home is slightly less than ideal.

Orangey brick, split level, ancient windows…everything screams 60s.

We made a big improvement when we added new shutters and painted over the beige trim on the garage door.

Although you can’t really see it from the curb per se, we also tried to make our front door a little more attractive.

Andy took most of a Saturday to paint our front door. It was a beige color. He bought navy paint to match the shutters (we used Valspar exterior paint). I cleaned the door (it was gross), then he primed it and painted it – two coats.

Once we removed the green tape, it looked pretty good!

We are deciding if we want to remove the screen door. It’s not very attractive and many of our neighbors don’t have one. Any opinions?

We also painted the inside of the door. At first I thought white would be good, but then we thought it might blend too much into the trim. So we used the same gray paint we used on most of our living room walls. It looks very classy!

Unfortunately, as it stands now, we could have painted our door lime green and no one would be able to see it from the curb. Why you ask? Because of those nasty bushes. They are huge. Overgrown. And hideous. But don’t worry – we’re coming for them!

Our near future task list for Project Curb Appeal:

1. Remove nasty bushes (see above).

2. Choose and plant new, smaller bushes to go in the same place.

3. Choose and install new light fixtures.

We have a lot more we want to do with the front, but these are our priorities for the rest of this season. Baby steps.


8 thoughts on “Walk Right On In

  1. Meg says:

    Looks good! We got one of those full-glass storm doors and it really looks nice. I love the amount of light it lets in. Plus, you could leave your heavy door open on nice days and not have to worry about eventual pets/kids going out and bugs coming in.

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