A Hard Working Man and His Lazy Wife

For those of you who only know my husband through this blog, I need to tell you something.

He wasn’t always this way.

To be fair, he was about 11 when we met and 16 when we started dating, so some growth and maturation is expected.

But seriously. I wouldn’t say he was lazy. He just really preferred relaxing. I was the work all the time, graduate early, grind it out person. He was more the “I can get a A- if I don’t bother studying” kind.

Things have changed.

After a fun but busy weekend, and a long Monday at the office, I was kind of planning on just crashing on the couch last night. Have  a little dinner, make some brownies, and then snuggle up for some quality turn my brain off time.

My workhorse of a husband had other ideas.

He comes home from work and asks if I want to go to IKEA to buy the hardware for our cabinets. Sure, I say. IKEA is ten minutes away, and who doesn’t like a good jaunt through IKEA? There’d still be plenty of time for the Olympics.

I forgot that the “not so focused on relaxing” version of my husband doesn’t like to wait to start projects. No, he was screwing into the cabinets before I had finished my first piece of after IKEA cinnamon sugar toast.

I did help. I had to open SIXTEEN packs on handles and screws! I know, right? He’s a slave driver. And then, to show him I could keep up with him, I offered to screw in the handles after he drilled the holes.

He let me do one and then kindly said it would be better if he could just focus.

So I went to the couch. And waited for him to finish so I could go clean up the sawdust. This is real marriage people.


Kidding aside, I am amazed at how hard he works. He got all the cabinet pulls installed tonight – a very stressful job because one wrong move and your cabinet is ruined.

For your viewing pleasure – our espresso cabinets with IKEA pulls on them.

We needed 16 packs of pulls (2 in a pack). At $9.99 each, the total was about $175. We paid for most of it with the rebate gift card we got from buying our IKEA couch.

This morning we commented on how nice it felt to use a handle for a cabinet. It’s been almost four months of getting our grubby little hands on them. Such luxury – all because of my hard workin’ hubby. 🙂


4 thoughts on “A Hard Working Man and His Lazy Wife

    • BecccaDing says:

      We’ll have to see long term the quality but we were just talking this weekend about how much we like it! It is so nice to be able to stretch out a million different ways on it. I’ve gotten used to the firmness. Andy spilled coffee last week on it and we just whipped off the two covers that got wet and threw them in the wash. Good as new! So assuming it doesn’t collapse in the next year or two I think it was a tremendous value.

  1. rach says:

    YAY!!! More progress that’s awesome! Brian put up the final 2 cabinet doors this weekend. And btw – I feel like you’re anything but lazy!!! You’re practically our personal chef! lol

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