When Your Friend Becomes a Mom

Miss Ansley Elizabeth (such a southern belle name!) came into the world last Wednesday. Unfortunately, she is oh so far away in Florida so I’ve only had the picture texts her momma sends to get to know her.

With Ansley’s entrance, I’ve been reflecting upon my friendship with her mom. Laura is one of my most precious friends. We met her and her husband Scott in a newlyweds Bible study, about four years ago. While we loved everyone in the study, we really clicked with Scott and Laura. Between our mutual love of good food, witty comedies, and their dog Kennedy, it was meant to be.

It’s crazy for me to think that we actually only lived in the same city as them for about 9 months. They moved to Miami in 2009. Since then, Laura and I stay in touch with texts, the occasional phone call, and a couple quick visits. In that time Andy and I moved 3 times, they bought a house, we bought a house, they sold a house, Andy changed jobs twice, I changed jobs once, Scott got a PhD, Scott got a new job, they sold their house, and oh yeah, they had a baby.

I’ve told Andy she is the friend who thinks the most like me (hopefully she doesn’t find that too insulting). Though we are very different people, I think we approach problems, news, and opportunities in much the same way. I never worry if she will understand my often inexplicably complicated feelings on touchy topics or judge my less than politically correct comments. She’s also the only person in the world I allow to constantly ask me if I’m pregnant yet (the answer is no by the way).

This has been the summer of babies. With a slew of my nearest and dearest popping them out, I’ve come to realize something. When a close friend has a baby – you love her child immediately. I told my friend Rachael that I loved her little Claire even before she was born. Is that weird? Maybe. It’s probably like when your sister has a baby. So even though I haven’t yet held little Ansley Elizabeth, I love her just as much as I love her momma.

Welcome Ansley! We are glad you are here. When you are a teenager and hate your mom, you can come stay with me in Chicago, okay? I’ll be much nicer than her, I promise.


One thought on “When Your Friend Becomes a Mom

  1. Sarah Green says:

    I’m glad you love their children like they were mine because I’m not having any for at least a decade, if ever.

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