Not Exaggerating: The Best Thing Ever

Do you hate ironing? If yes, keep reading. If no, well then I don’t think we’d particularly get along anyways (my mom is excluded from this).

I hate ironing. Truly, deeply, irrevocably.

When I was in college I interned at a pretty conservative company. I had to iron my pants and shirts every day. It was miserable.

After I graduated I spent a little more money on nicer dress pants that didn’t wrinkle as easily and so I could put off ironing to once a week. Still miserable, just slightly less frequent torture.

Andy’s first job out of school had a totally casual dress code. T-shirts and jeans. So no need to iron there. Then he took a new job at a very conservative private school. Where he had to wear a dress shirt, slacks, jacket and tie every single day.

Thus ensued one of the funnier arguments of our first year of marriage. Would we pay for dry cleaning or would I be ironing 5 dress shirts a week? [Asking Andy to iron was for some reason not an option.]

Andy didn’t want to spend the money. I didn’t want to spend the time. We were at a stalemate.

I didn’t think of this intentionally, but for some reason I did have to iron one of his shirts, and I did it when he was in the room with me. He watched me struggle, saw how long it took, and realized it barely looked better after my effort. And so, being both compassionate and not wanting to look like a hot mess, we started taking his shirts to the dry cleaners. We won’t call that a win – just mutual success.

However, I still had to iron some pants and the occasional polo shirt. Sweaters or t-shirts that got wrinkled got tossed into the dryer with my fingers crossed.

A year or two later we met our awesome friends Rachael and Brian. Brian also has to dress fancy every day. I don’t remember how it came up, but one time she mentioned they had a clothes steamer.

A what now??

That day my life changed.

A clothes steamer steams clothes. That’s right. You hang your clothes on the hanger thingy and it pumps out hot, hot steam through the wand. Wave it over your clothes and the wrinkles fade away. As long as you don’t need crisp starched lines on what you are steaming, you can use it for anything you might otherwise have had to iron.

This my friends is nothing short of a precious gift the Lord has given us.

I tell basically everyone about the steamer. I gave one to Andy’s mom for her birthday, even though she had not really expressed even a modicum of interest in it. It’s just that fantastic.

Go. Buy one. Let the light shine into your life and be free.

*All pictures from the SteamFast Fabric Steamer on


One thought on “Not Exaggerating: The Best Thing Ever

  1. Michele Green says:

    Becca (and Sarah),
    In case you’re thinking about gifts for my upcoming Birthday, I really do like to iron but desire a perfect cup of coffee. HINT!

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